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Fitness Audio UHF Receiver

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Superior audio performance and increased reliability, the WES UHF Receiver is manufactured by Fitness Audio. It makes a great replacement for old Cardio Theater receivers or new Cardio Entertainment installations.

Fitness Audio wireless TV receivers provide audio from any television, Plasma or LCD to your members ears while they work out on Cardio equipment. Simply plug in headphones to the receiver and select your TV channel. WES receivers can also pick up local FM radio stations (subject to suitable location in club).

Fitness Audio wireless receivers work in conjunction with Fitness Audio wireless transmitters or existing transmitters from other fitness entertainment companies, such as Cardio Theater or Broadcastvision.

Please call us or fill out the Enquiry or Contact Us forms for more information on receivers and transmitters, the quantities that may be required for your health club and any related installation requirements.


  • Works with all UHF and FM TV transmitter brands including Cardio Theater, Broadcast Vision / BVE, MYE Entertainment, Enercise, Audeon.
  • TV Audio and FM Radio combined. Enjoy both TV audio and local radio in stereo*
  • Sleek, compact design with large LCD display.
  • 5 band EQ
  • Secure grip mounting band for quick and secure installation on cardio equipment
  • Self diagnostic EzyFit headphone jack alerts personnel when jack needs replacing.
  • 2yr warranty.




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    Fitness Audio UHF Receiver
    Fitness Audio UHF Receiver
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