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Neatron NHS777C Headset Microphone

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Beige headworn microphone with Cardioid capsule (uni directional). Will suit Chiayo beltpack transmitters.Uni directional microphones traditionally require the speaker to position the microphone in very close proximity to their mouth to get good gain. Great as vocal or speech microphones (ideal for lecturers or auctioneers) as they are good at rejecting sounds from other directions as well as convenient if you are in noisy surroundings where high gain is needed.



  • Available in cardioid capsule (uni directional)
  • Picks up sound with high gain from a specific side or direction of the microphone
  • Great if background noise is a problem
  • Better suited should feedback be a problem



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    Neatron NHS777C Headset Microphone
    Neatron NHS777C Headset Microphone
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