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Chiayo Perormer-100 M

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True Diversity Performer 100 channel UHF M series wireless microphone system comes with beltpack and lapel microphone.

Ideal for performers, presenters or demonstrators and the like, it's designed as a budget entry model without compromising quality.

Note: The price listed here is for receiver, beltpack and standard lapel microphone.

Other Options Available:
* Slimline high quality headset microphone
* High quality lapel microphone
* Fitness Instructor microphones


  • LED channel display
  • Balanced XLR output
  • 100 channel UHF user selectable frequencies
  • Comes with a 0.5m XLR to XLR patch lead
  • Rack kit included
  • LED display




Chiayo NHS777u Headset Microphone

Chiayo NHS777u Headset Microphone

Headworn Microphone Beige with Cardioid capsule.


Chiayo Neatron NHS777o Headset

Chiayo Neatron NHS777o Headset

High quality Omni directional Headworn Microphone Beige.

    Chiayo Perormer-100 M
    Chiayo Perormer-100 M
    Price $530.00

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