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Chiayo RP5100M Repeater Module

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Chiayo RP5100M 100 Channel Repeater Module allows you to connect to other systems with a 100 Channel wireless receiver (SDR8100M).
Available in the following bands; 5A (520-526 MHz), 5B (566-590MHz), 6 (650-675MHz)


  • Modular design, easy installation
  • All audio signals (including means of music and microphone) can be sent out through this transmitter module
  • The level of sensitivity can be adjusted via gain control knob
  • No active / passive speakers to limit the number of wireless range link system, according to necessity configuration
  • Particularly suitable for large-scale events



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    Chiayo RP5100M Repeater Module
    Chiayo RP5100M Repeater Module
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