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Chiayo SDR5100M 100Ch Receiver

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Chiayo SDR5100M 100Ch Frequency Wireless Receiver with spectrum scan function and IR upload /Download


  • Patented IrDA technology for 2-way data transfer between transmitter and receiver.
  • UHF synthesised diversity for highest quality and dropout-free reception
  • Helical Filter RF front end ensures high selectivity
  • RF noise squelch circuit
  • Auto-scan function searches for the cleanest frequency and simplest multi-channel setup
  • Squelch control accessible via front panel
  • Power and volume control switch
  • UP / DOWN channel selection key
  • Battery low indicator LED
  • 20-pin connection for easy installation



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    Chiayo SDR5100M 100Ch Receiver
    Chiayo SDR5100M 100Ch Receiver
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