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Mipro MM39 Vocal Dynamic Microphone

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The MM-39 corded microphone is fitted with a MU-39 interchangeable supercardioid dynamic capsule module. Featuring high dynamic range and sustains high SPL without distortion, soft and mellow sound quality and low handling noise. Ideal for everyone to use in the stage or KTV. Cable not included.


  • Fitted with interchangeable MU-39 supercardioid capsule module.
  • Unique shock absorber design for low handling or touch noise
  • The exterior multi-layer metal grille protects the capsule to prevent impact and pop noise.
  • Focuses on the main sound source and minimizes background noise and feedback.
  • Soft and mellow sound quality; Rich high and low-frequency presence.
  • Sustains high SPL without distortion.



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    Mipro MM39 Vocal Dynamic Microphone
    Mipro MM39 Vocal Dynamic Microphone
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