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Mipro MA708 Portable PA

Find variety of PA systems @ Soundgear Australia. We stock PA systems and portable PA systems that come with quality headset and batteries.
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Designed with versatility in mind, the MA708 Portable PA with it's retractable handle and sturdy wheels makes transport a breeze. The two-way, high-powered portable PA system ensures ultimate performance and flexibility. All the latest features in a smaller package.
MA708PA has a 1 " titanium compression driver and 8 " woofer and can accommodate up to 4 x wireless receiver modules and 2 x corded microphones. Option with CD/USB Player module and or wireless link transmitter to create a network of wireless speakers.

The MA708PA now has Bluetooth for audio streaming.

Delivering high output power, excellent speech and music reproduction, this compact unit is ideal for:


Schools / Sporting functions / Celebrants / Health and fitness clubs / Indoor and outdoor seminars / Conferences / Trade shows / Lecture theatres / Auctions / Houses of worship / Shopping centre presentations.


Package Includes:

Mipro MA708PA with a corded microphone MM107

Options Available:
* A CD/MP3/USB Player
* DPM3- MIPRO USB/SD Audio Player/Recorder Module.
* Up to 4 wireless UHF receiver modules to allow for wireless microphones
* Wireless interlinking option available

Please Note: We offer great package pricing on the different options available. Let us tailor the right package for your application.Use the online enquiry form, or call us, and we will do the rest.


  • Retractable handle and sturdy wheels
  • 120 watts RMS (Max 190W)
  • 8'' woofer speaker and 1" titanium driver
  • Bluetooth Receiver built-in
  • Active limiter keeps sound clean when driven hard
  • MTM-90 Wireless interlinking transmitter option allows you to wirelessly link to other MA708's.
  • Up to 4 diversity UHF wireless receivers
  • 16.3 kilos in weight
  • Up to 8hr battery life
  • 3 power modes: AC. rechargeable battery and direct DC
  • Built in storage compartment for 2 transmitters
  • Mic and Line In RCA Jack
  • Line Output
  • Extension speaker output
  • Can be tripod mounted
  • 2yr warranty



Mipro MA708 Portable PA Pack 1

Mipro MA708 Portable PA Pack 1

Mipro MA708PA (120W RMS) PA with Bluetooth and Wireless Handheld Microphone


Mipro MA708 Portable PA Pack 2

Mipro MA708 Portable PA Pack 2

Mipro MA708 with CD/MP3/USB + Bluetooth + Wireless Handheld microphone.

    Mipro MA708 Portable PA
    Mipro MA708 Portable PAMipro MA708 Portable PA
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