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Thor Smart Protector 4 E-145B

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Smart Protector 4 E145B - Universal Protection and Filter and Surge Protector. 4 Outlets with space saving angle plug for power packs.  Earth detection and protection LED's, COAX/F-Type Aerial and R145 Data Protection. 1 metre extension cord, space saving flat head plug, 20 separate AC components plus DC components provide a powerful barrier against transient spikes and interferences.


  • 4 Outlets
  • Broadband, Pay TN, Antenna & Network
  • Maximum Fire Safety
  • Massive 125,000 AMP, Maximum Spikes 3670 Joules


  • Supply Voltage:  240/Vac 50/Hz
  • Max Current Rating:  10amps/ 2400 W (Va)
  • Clamping Voltage:  275Vac
  • Reaction Time:  Less than 1 Nano Sec
  • Maximum Transient Spike Impulse Current (AMPS): 125,000 amps.Equivalent to 31,200 Amps using UL1449 Standard
  • Maximum Energy Dissipation (Joules): 3670 Joules. Equivalent to 1240 Joules using UL1449 Standard
  • Protection Modes (all 4 outlets protects on all 3 conductors): Active/Neutral, Active/Earth, Neutral/Earth
  • EMI/RFI Noise Reduction Filter
  • Total Number of Protected AC Outlets: 7
  • Earth leakage Range: Less than 1 milli amp
  • Operating conditions: Indoor/AC Mains
  • Operating Temperatures: -10C+60C


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    Thor Smart Protector 4 E-145B
    Thor Smart Protector 4 E-145B
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